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Russian Political Party posted November 7, 2016
The Civil Position Party - Russian social-liberal political party. It was established and registered in 2012, under the name of "The Party of Social Networks" from 2012 to 2013. It is a political clone of a party "Civic Platform", created by Mr. Andrei Bogdanov, political engineer.

"The party of Social Networks" - was created with the participation of the leader of the Democratic Party of Russia and the Center for Political Technologies Andrei Bogdanov. The party did not have a public presence, and did not have a website their official group on social media, nothing is own about its membership and official leadership with its chairman Dmitry Chirov - born on 24.09.1981. Similar parties created by Mr. Andrey Bogdanov are called party business for the nomination of candidates on a commercial basis and sale of ready-made turnkey parties.

"The Party of Social Networks," was based on the social-liberal ideology, advocating the termination of state funding of religious organizations to reduce the cost of the army with the mass transfer on a contract basis, for the abolition of the Federation Council and the shift to a unicameral system of legislature.

Year 2012
Created on April 9, 2012 and officially registered on May 29, 2012

October 14, 2012, "The Party of Social Networks" - took part in the election of 3 of the 6 regional legislatures. According to the regional elections, the results were as follows: in the Krasnodar region (4420) 0.26% of votes, in the Saratov region (1444) 0.16% of votes, in North Ossetia (223) 0.10% of votes. In the regional elections it used the e-mail icon @ (E-mail) as a logo.

Year 2013
At the III Congress on April 12, 2013 the "Party of Social Networks" has been reorganized into the party "Citizenship", as the chairman of the Federal Council was elected Vladimir Albertovich Vekselman, he approved a new party logo that looks like the logo of the party Civic Platform.

On May 22, 2013, it was announced that the party with a new name "Civil Position" will be lead by former Deputy Secretary General Council of the United Russia party, political analyst Alexei Chesnakov.

In the elections for the unified voting day, September 8, 2013, the party registered and nominated its candidates for regional entities.

In the Samara region, in Tolyatti City Council, on July 10, the party put forward its lists, but was denied registration. Following a decision of the Regional Electoral Commission, the lists have been restored and registered. By arrangement with the leader of the "Civic Platform" party, Mikhail Prokhorov, who arrived in Tolyliatti on August 6, the party list was removed in support of "Civic Platform" for a financial reward.

Additional Info
In Russian: Гражданская Позиция
Founders: Andrey Bogdanov
Established: Monday, 09 April 2012