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Russian Political Party posted November 7, 2016
History and Projects
Green alliance - Russian Green political party, officially registered on May 23, 2012.

The idea of creating a Green party of European type on the basis of the "Green Alternative" environmental movement, established in 2009, belongs to the former deputy head of Rosprirodnadzor (The Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources), the former prefect of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow, Oleg Mitvol. The "Green Alternative" Movement entered the European Green Party ("Green International").

The founding congress of the "Green Alliance" Party was held on April 24, 2012, in the town of Mozhaisk, Moscow Region. Earlier it was also known under the names "Green Alliance - People's Party," "Green Alliance and the Social Democrats."

The propositions of the Global Greens Charter, and the European Greens Charter were approved, as the fundamental principles of the party ideology. The core of the party ideology is the belief, that a responsible, free, happy human being and his favorable living environment are absolute priorities of the political, economic, social, and cultural development of the state.

In February 2013, the party project "Green Tribunal" was launched, in which, by requests from residents of various cities of Russia - from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok - the party was engaged in the resolving of more than 1000 environmental conflicts.

Among the successfully completed projects: prevention of deforestation in the protected area of the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain in Volgograd, the elimination of the consequences of a breakthrough in the suburban collector Obolensk, protection against deforestation in Avtozavodsky park and Kulibina park in Nizhny Novgorod, eliminating the problem of parking of heavy trucks in Klin, cessation of construction by the company "Gazprom" gas pipeline in the reserved Ukok plateau in the Altai region, the closure of illegally built underground oil refinery in North Ossetia; spill of wastewater that flooded more than 50 hectares of forest in the National Park "Zavidovo" (Moscow), the ban on cutting down of the famous Plane-Tree Alley in Sochi, the termination of emissions of toxic subsidiary "Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company" in the Murmansk region and others.

The III Extraordinary Unity Congress "Green Alliance - People's Party" was hosted on 25th January 2014, in Moscow, where the merger of five parties in a single political structure and renaming the party in the "Alliance of Greens and Social Democrats." took place. Besides the party "Green Alliance", parties "The Social-Democrats of Russia" of Gennady Gudkov, "Freedom and Justice" of Sergey Nefedov, "The party of free citizens" of Pavl Sklyanchuk and "The Bell" of Nicholas Dizhur also took part the party in the merger. Delegates of the Party Congress approved the program and elected two co-chairs - Gleb Fetisov and Gennady Gudkov. The political council of the party also included the State Council deputies - Dmitry Gudkov and Ilya Ponomarev.

Congress delegates voted in favor of the new name of the party, the emblem and the structure of the governing bodies, which in addition to the leaders of the five parties included State Council deputies and public figures. By secret ballot, Gleb Fetisov and Gennady Gudkov were elected co-chairmen of the party.

Despite a tough organization period related with the arrest of Mr. Gleb Fetisov, the founder of the Alliance, the party carried through several dozens of the deputies at the passed elections that took place in the Republic of Bashkortostan and in Moscow region, in September 2015.

On 12th December 2015, the 4th Extraordinary Congress of the Alliance Of The Greens and Social-Democrats Party was held in Moscow. The congress was initiated due to the departure of its leader, Gleb Fetisov, who's a businessman, a former senator and the owner of "My Bank". At the congress, Alexander Zakondyrin, a member of the Public Chamber of Moscow, was elected as the new president of the party. Moreover, the "Alliance of the Greens and Social-Democrats" was renamed into just the "Alliance of the Greens". The co-chairman institution was abolished. The new leader of the party called for the consolidation of the "green" movement and the establishment of constructive relations with the Russian People Front. Following the elections, Oleg Mitvol, who lost the election and suspended before from his post as chairman of the council of the party, described the occurring situation as a "farce" and promised legal proceedings. Sergei Bogdanov headed The Central Council party.

On 2nd July 2016, VI Congress of the party was held, that for the first time in Russian political history took place under the open sky. "Green Alliance" announced its plans to participate in the federal selection of campaigns and also spoke about the prospects of participation in the elections to the legislative assemblies of the Moscow and Murmansk regions. Also, the new party program was adopted at this congress.

The "Green Alliance" has 65 regional offices at the moment. There are more than 5 000 registered members in the party.

Elections 2012-2016
In March 2012, even before the party was officially registered, Mitvol said that the "Green Alliance — People's Party" will participate in the election of the head of the city of Kaliningrad, but eventually, the party never nominated its candidate.

On October 14, 2012, five months after the registration, the party "Green Alliance" took part in their first elections of the municipal and regional level. According to the results of the regional elections, the party received the following result: in North Ossetia 4723 votes (2.06%), in Udmurtia 3131 votes (0.63%), in the Moscow suburb of Khimki, the Party put forward their leader Oleg Mitvol, who took 3rd place with 14%.

In 2013, the party nominated its co-chairman, Gleb Fetisov, for the Moscow mayor and the Moscow Region governor elections, but the electoral commission refused to register him as a candidate. As a candidate for the Head of Domodedovo, Anna Danilova scored 4.79% (1340 votes) at the elections.

In 2014, the party managed to carry through its deputies into the local councils, as well as to delegate its representatives there.

At the elections to the Moscow City Duma, the Green Alliance Party, and the Civic Platform Party belonged to the same coalition.

During the elections to the State Duma (2016), the party congress was held in the open air in the park. It was a violation, and the representatives of the election commission were missing, because the commission hadn't approved the congress. The party refused to hold another congress and to renominate the party list. Instead, it put forward several candidates in the single-member districts.

In three years, the party nominated 1500 candidates in more than 40 country regions. As of 2016, Green Alliance has 52 mandates in the executive and legislative authorities.

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