The Russian Social Democratic Party

Russian Political Party posted November 7, 2016
A party under the same name was created three times in the Russian Federation. The incarnations of the Russian Social Democratic Party are known as: SDPR-1, SDPR-2, SDPR-3; or SDPR-1990, SDPR-2001 and SDPR-2012; or Rumyantsev SDPR, Gorbachev SDPR and Militarev SDPR.

The initiating group was created at the Congress of the All-Union Social Democratic Association in the early 1990s. The First (constituent) congress of SDPR was held in Moscow on May 4-6, 1990. The party was registered by the Ministry of Justice of the RSFSR on March 14, 1991, concurrently with the DPR and RPRF, which became the first legal parties on the national level (CPSU and the LDP were registered before, but by the All-Union Ministry of Justice). In total during1990-2001 the party held 10 congresses and changed its senior management 6 times, as well as experienced a split into two eponymous organizations, of which the Ministry of Justice recognized the SDPR, led by Sergey Belozertsev. In 2001-2002, on behalf of the SDPR, Belozertsev refused to continue the activities of the party and agreed with the registration of the eponymous organization, headed by Mikhail Gorbachev (SDPR-2). In March 2002, the activities of the SDPR-1 as a legal entity have been terminated by the court at the request of the Ministry of Justice, as the party was not re-registered under the laws of 1998-1999. However, the SDPR-1 continued its activity under unregistered status, leaving no attempts to restore the status of a legal entity by the court. In 2002-2010 the XI - XV SDPR-1
congresses took place.

The party was the fruit of unifying efforts of Mikhail Gorbachev, G.H.Popov, I.P.Rybkin, AN Yakovlev, A.I. Podberezkin and others. The First (constituent) Congress was held on November 24, 2001, Mikhail Gorbachev, was elected as a leader, as chairman - K. A. Titov. After the III Congress in September 2004, the leadership of the party was assumed by businessman Vladimir Kishenin, under whose name the site was registered during 2001-2014. The party dissolved by the court in the spring-summer of 2007, after an audit by the Ministry of Justice, that caused the elimination of the majority of registered parties at that time based on insufficient numbers.

The party was founded in 2012 with the organizational leadership of the DPR leader Andrei Bogdanov and the ideological activist of the former SDPR-1 and SDPR-2 - Victor Militaryov. Ramazanov Sirazhdinov Omarovich was elected Chairman of the party at its III Congress on March 21, 2013.

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In Russian: Социал-Демократическая Партия России
Founders: Victor Militarev and Andrey Bogdanov
Established: Thursday, 21 March 2013
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