Souz gorozhan

Russian Political Party posted November 7, 2016
The name "Souz gorozhan" is, obviously, a reference to "angry citizens", a term which was made up by Vladislav Surkov who did so to characterize the participants in the protest rallies for "Fair Elections".

The political party "Souz gorozhan" was established at the Founding Congress in mid April 2012, and was registered at the Ministry of Justice on May 25th, 2012.

The Governing Council became the leading body of the party. Ildar Gaifutdinov was selected as chairman of the board and had the authority to carry out any legal action on behalf of the party. Dmitry Popkov was elected chairman of the party.

The political party "Souz gorozhan" initially conducted activities mainly in Primorye, now it has offices in eighty-one subjects of the Russian Federation.

The party "Souz gorozhan" was registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in May 2012. The "Souz gorozhan" was one of the four parties, whose creation in 2012 involved the leader of the Democratic Party of Russia (DPR) Andrei Bogdanov, who ran for the post of Russian president in 2008. The DPR, as stated by Bogdanov, granted its charter and templates of documents to other parties for an accelerated registration.

Political scientists then said that parties started with the participation of Bogdanov are either "spoilers", aimed at weaning the votes from the main competitors of the ruling party, or are intended to back up the "United Russia" in problematic regions.

The "Souz gorozhan" aims to fight for the development of local self-government and protection of the interests of urban residents.

Economic independence of cities, comfortable and cheap accommodation, sophisticated transport infrastructure, school boards supervising education, health and law enforcement agencies are the main priorities of the party's program.

The party ideology rests on the notion that Russia needs federal fragmentation, both in government and territory.

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In Russian: Союз горожан
Founders: Andrei Bogdanov and Ildar Gaifutdinov
Established: Friday, 25 May 2012
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